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Like many others who decide to start a blog, I have always been fond of writing. I have kept diaries on-and-off most of my life, and have found that writing is a superior method of channeling emotional and creative energy. So what’s with the name? Loss of resistance (LOR) is a term we use in Anesthesiology to signify when the epidural needle has made its way home to the epidural space, and brought us one step closer to providing epic pain relief to a screaming, writhing mom-to-be. It is extremely satisfying to feel that ‘pop’ and know you have achieved LOR. I thought it was the perfect name as I have chosen Obstetric Anesthesiology as a career, and have also finally overcome my resistance to starting a blog.

Epidural Eggs.gif

It really is incredible to go back and read your own thoughts from x number of years ago. I liken it to smelling a perfume you used to wear, which brings back a rush of memories from a particular time. All those memories are due to connections between the olfactory system (your nose) and the hippocampus and amygdala (memory and emotional centers of the brain). As physicians, we have dedicated our lives to creating and disseminating scientific explanations for everything. After 11 years of higher education and near burnout at the tail end of my residency, some things still continue to amaze me. The perfume flashbacks are definitely one of them.

So what will this blog be about? I’m not entirely sure yet. But I anticipate a few posts about some of my favorite things:

  • Travel
  • Medicine & Wellness
  • Food & Drink
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Music & Movies
  • Family & Friends

In no particular order. Anyway, it is finally summertime in Chicago! I hope everyone has a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend.

1 thought on “Pilot.”

  1. Most people with asthma don’t realize that people can die from it. Patients and their families don’t know. They smile at you and agree but their knowledge is one or two sentences deep.
    It is always better to err on the side of caution. The possible squellae from a bad reaction can cost a quarter of a million to millions of dollars over the lifetime of a brain damaged person. Aside from their possible death, which could destroy family and physician. For that, a replacement Albuterol or Benadryl or other precaution seems cheap.


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