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What’s in a name.

We spend so much time choosing the perfect name for our website/blog/brand that we can lose sight of what made us create it in the first place. On that note, The Traveling Resident is more reflective of the musings that will be expressed in this blog, hence the name change. Sometimes I wish I was back in high school/college again so I could enjoy summer vacations where your only purpose in life was to eat, sleep, and partake in leisurely activities. It is difficult to learn new things outside of medicine (i.e. WordPress) with the grueling hours of residency. But I’m looking forward to learning how to design a website. Confession: I was way more tech-savvy in middle school and actually created a digital art website with basic HTML knowledge. I’m not sure where all that knowledge went. It was likely replaced by the names of various anatomic body parts and the periodic table of elements. Until my middle school coding/designing skills come back, I want to extend a virtual hug to everyone reading this blog while it’s still basic.

Starting this weekend, I will begin sharing my travel adventures to various exotic destinations including Guatemala, the Philippines, Bangladesh, and the most exotic of them all — Southern California. It may become its own state in the near future! I was so excited to be moving to ‘California’, but now I may end up in what will officially be known as ‘Northern California’. It seems as though some people took ‘NorCal’ and ‘SoCal’ a little too seriously. Also, expect multiple posts on Chicago. It is the city of neighborhoods, or as the late Anthony Bourdain called it, “the only other real Metropolis in America.” Rest in peace, Anthony.

I have a particular fascination with Asia because of its extensive history and diversity — and for this reason — will start with the Philippines. Upon hearing that I was going to Southeast Asia, a co-worker asked me, “Why?” He did not understand why one had to travel so far for vacation. My question is “Why not?” I have always wondered why some people grow up with an insatiable desire to see the world while others sit at home in contentment. As for me, I developed a keen desire to explore because I have always been innately curious about people and how they live. And perhaps because my childhood was filled with travels as my father worked for an international airline. Anyway, until I round up those official vacation photos, here is one of the Chicago sunrise as seen from the iPhone of a fatigued resident whose only solace that morning was knowing she would be going home in one hour.


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